Recycled Plastic Bag Announcement – International Mother Earth Day 2021

Today is International Mother Earth Day, a day designed to shine a spotlight on the need to protect our planet. We feel it is the perfect occasion to announce the next step of our #BeGreenBeSeen campaign.

From the end of June 2021, PULSAR® high visibility garments will begin to be delivered packaged in recyclable plastic bags, which are also made from 100% recycled materials.

We all know how serious the issue of plastic ending up in our oceans is – and single use plastic packaging is one of the biggest contributors of this. The statistics do not make for pretty reading and should be motivation for companies worldwide to start making this change.

Around 10% of the 100 million tonnes of plastic that is used globally every year ends up in our oceans, and an estimated 300 million plastic bags end up in the Atlantic Ocean alone. Each of which can take centuries to break down.

This is not good enough and is something that needs to be addressed, quickly, across the globe.

Furthermore, around 100,000 marine animals are killed by plastic bags every year , proving that single use plastics do not just carry a serious threat to our planet, but also the animals who inhabit it.

Not only does single use plastic end up in oceans, it also clogs up our communities, natural environments and landfill sites too. We’ve almost become blind to amount of plastic litter we see on our daily dog walks in the park because of how much there is. It is having a serious detrimental effect on the communities we live in, on top of the environments that our wildlife inhabits too.

Of course, we understand that we cannot do this alone, but we see it as a vital – and relatively simple – step that companies should take in order to play their part in providing our natural environments, our communities, our wildlife and our oceans the best possible chance of recovering from the near irreparable damage we have already caused it.

PULSAR®’s Product Development Manager, Debbie Huntley, said “The plastic bag is something which has been a hot topic as part of our sustainability conversations… we were using a single use plastic bag which has been replaced with one which is fully recyclable whilst being made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.”

Making sure the plastic bags were made from 100% recycled plastic bottles was a must for us, as Debbie continues “we were offered 30% and 50% options, which made no sense to us. We had to ensure that our bags are the most sustainable ones on offer to us.”

We understand we still have a long way to go to become the most sustainable company we can be, but steps like this are vitally important to help us get to that end goal.